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Let the countdown begin... [Jun. 26th, 2009|11:49 am]


Is it really just one week away? As in, you know, seven days?

People, it totally is.

One week from tonight, Downstairs In the Cantab Underground, Boston nightlife's next era begins. Hear my words and take heed, kids: there is no more swaggarific way to kick off that Fourth of July weekend than to kick it LEGACY style.

Y'all know by now about LEGACY. You know what to expect. EVERYTHING. That is to be taken in the most literal sense. Yours truly, DJ Sterling Golden, will bring every musical style recorded over the last near-150 years, rocking that iPod-DJ thing like no other. Tracks you love and will forever spill your drink to, alongside music you may have yet to discover, but will wish you had. You and your fabulous friends (your existing ones...and ones you haven't met yet...) shall be grinding and sweating to the hottest jams of the past, present, and future. In short, LEGACY will be the Bean's ultimate dance party.

As my old friend Cusraque was famous for saying back in the day of hey: "U MUST GO." It's just a week away, friends. Make those plans and get there early...why, you ask?...(using booming announcer-guy voice:) Just added this week!...we will be presenting a lovely pre-show buffet from 8-9 p.m! So right. Come and get that grub on in preparation for the evening's set. Then get your "expect everything" on after 9, and party like it's Studio 54, CBGB, and Manray combined into one fierce club monster. So, if partaking in a celebratory opening night buffet is what you wanna do, be sure to show up between 8 and 9 p.m., people.

More 411 to drop on that ass: next week will mark the final time we will be posting these reports online. At LEGACY, next Friday night, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the new LEGACY e-mail list. I must stress in advance: THESE EMAILS WILL NOT COME ONCE A WEEK, like the past few weeks of "News Wire" reports. We have been doing these online postings in order to get the word out about our debut, but once we have dropped that LEGACY science, we will only be sending out e-mails when we are approaching a new night to share with you. So stand up, you don't have to be afraid: sign up next week, and we promise to share our 411 with you when it comes up.

Until then...it's just seven more days, kids. Gil-Scott Heron once said in song, "the revolution will not be televised." He is so right. Only way you'll get to be a part of the beginning of Boston nightlife's next era is to BE THERE. Come see and be seen in just one week! LEGACY is upon us!!!

Look for DJSG on MySpace, Facebook and you may do the whole "follow me on Twitter" thing as well.

DJ Sterling Golden


Friday, July 3, Downstairs In the Cantab Underground

Cantab Lounge, 738 Massachusetts Ave, Central Squarem Cambridge, Mass.

DJ STERLING GOLDEN spins local, national, international, old school, NOW, Top 40, left of the dial...AND BEYOND...

Doors at 8 p.m. / 21-plus / $8 cover


Expect Everything.